What is a dark night of the soul?


Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” – Brene Brown


So, what is a dark night of the soul anyway? The term “dark night of the soul” came from 16th century Spanish poet and Roman Catholic priest, St. John of the Cross. In his poem, a young girl (the soul) narrates her escape from home (the physical body) to meet her lover (God). It displays all three stages that lead to union with God, which I think is still accurate today.  

The three stages described in the article are:

  1. Cleansing/Purging
  2. Path to enlightenment
  3. Union with God (God consciousness)



Most people would say that a dark night of the soul is a process where your ego “dies,” which, in turn, gives way to your higher self, or your God consciousness. Here your soul learns about ego and how ego is the primary reason we feel entitled, angered, pained, etc. It is an excruciatingly slow and painful process to rewire all of your negative beliefs. It takes all of your life to get to that very point, and up until then your beliefs, thoughts and mental processing are all you know to be true. So to come to the realization that the very essence of your being, everything you have learned thus far, is a lie, and that you will have to create new habits to undo everything that had been done, is very difficult.  

Here you are purging all of the beliefs, ideas, and behaviors you have that aren’t in agreement with your divine self. These things come to light so that you can let them go. All of the negative emotions that stem from traumatic childhood memories need to also be addressed and let go of. I’m talking about years and years worth of negative gunk that comes up so that you can release them with love. It is not an easy process at all because your ego loves to be in control, but through patience and dedication your ego self will eventually take the back seat to your spiritual self.

I want to specify here that we are not trying to have the ego die. The higher self and the ego work together continuously. The higher self is like the parent and the ego is like the child. The best way to discipline a child, for example, is through loving, gentle reminders of what the correct course of action is. I watched an amazing clip where a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) patient’s ego is speaking with the therapist. It offers the best way to discipline ego, which of course is with love and positive affirmations, and states that although it is viewed negatively, the ego does love us and only wants to protect us. The link is below for those interested.

Path to enlightenment

This process involves learning and educating yourself about the world, planets, the universes, God, angels, archangels, spirits, etc. How does it all work? What are we? Who are we? What is our purpose in life? What did we come here to learn, see, do? There are so many videos and articles out on this topic that you may lose sleep trying to learn everything there is. Key piece of advice here is to have patience. Pace yourself. You will learn everything you want or need to, but just allow yourself the time to grasp everything.


AHHH, bliss. At this stage you connect with God and operate from your God-consciousness. You are joyous, ecstatic, and filled with amazement. You bask in each moment and live for the moment. You are pure love and vibrate at a high frequency, which can subsequently allow you to manifest things quickly. You are no longer emotionally attached to people, things, places, etc. You take in all experiences as they come, and do not dwell on any negative experiences. You relinquish all fears, and have faith in God, your team of angels, and the universe.


Here are some possible symptoms you may experience during a dark night of the soul:

Exhaustion, unable to sleep or can’t stop sleeping

Loss of interest in many things

Weight gain or loss

Overwhelming feeling of being stuck or lost

Purge-like symptoms: coughing, vomiting

Feeling uninspired

Less desire to impress people

Despair over your spiritual dilemma

Feeling angry, sad


Loss of dreams, hopes, wishes

Loss of purpose, or sense of meaning


Priorities changing





I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right – it does sound dark and gloomy. But your journey doesn’t have to be that way. If you maintain positive feelings, it will not be as bad as it is described above. I wanted to list some of the more gruesome symptoms just to make everyone aware of what may happen. Hopefully your journey is much lighter and happier ☺.

How to get through your journey:

  1. Don’t give up– wherever you are in your journey, do not give up even if it seems impossible or really scary. You will never get past this dark night stage into enlightenment if you quit too early.
  2. Trust God (or whatever name you wish to use) – trust that everything that is happening is not a form of punishment and is only happening for your best interest. Trust that what will come from this will be worth all the effort and pain you have gone through. Trust in better days ahead.
  3. Meditate/Yoga– do things that will help you quiet your mind and create a sense of peace in your life. With all the changes occurring in your life at this point, it is imperative to find things that can ease your mind and body.
  4. Be open to receiving– this is the most important step. God and all the angels are always reaching out to you. They send messages through synchronicities so make sure you are open to receiving and acknowledging these signs and messages. They will also guide you to where your next steps are. Do not resist anything. In fact, this whole journey is about letting go and surrendering.
  5. Embrace where you are– this is also so important. Try not to rush out of where you currently are. If you are only focused and stuck on the past, or the future, then you will likely miss something God wants you to learn. If you miss what you are supposed to learn, how can you move forward?
  6. Health– make sure you are taking care of your body as it going through many changes throughout the ascension process. Exercise to release your body of dense energies, eat healthy organic foods that will provide your body with proper nutrition, and exercise your brain.
  7. Journal– I have become such an advocate for journaling. You will learn so many things about yourself. And it is definitely beneficial for this journey because you can see what area needs improving, what is keeping you stuck etc.
  8. Find a mentor– someone who knows about Spiritualism, or has been through the journey. This can be especially hard to find, but if you can find someone who can help you, please do! It makes your journey so much easier. They can answer many questions that you may have, or at least point you in the right direction.
  9. Church– this may seem crazy to some, but there are Spiritualist churches out there. Get plugged in. Go up to church people and ask them for advice. Being in a community of like-minded people will make your journey a bit easier and less painful.

Lastly, I just want you all to know you are not alone! God loves you, the world loves you, your ego loves you, I love you, and your own soul loves you. You can and will get through this experience and it will be so totally worth it in the end. Blessings and love to you all!


Here are some helpful links:

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  1. Link from QHHT therapy session where the ego shed very deep understanding on how the ego protects us, works alongside our high selves to integrate all of our aspects of consciousness:


Love and blessings to you all,



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