I wanted to talk about the “Recent” Phenomena of Spiritualism. I want to discuss how I was introduced to it, a brief history (keyword brief) of Modern Day Spiritualism, some of the beliefs and practices it has as a religion and some of the benefits it has provided me.


So, how did I come across this Spiritualism stuff?

In my first blog post, I described my ascension journey and how I stumbled across, mmmmm no more like plunged, into spirituality. I was going through a breakup that I initiated, and was working through all the dark gremlins I had inside me. I was meditating and trying to find my life purpose, as I knew that I was going through all of it for a reason.  I had spent almost a full year learning about spirits, angels, reincarnation, and life on other planets/ solar systems but I had never seen nor heard any mention of Spiritualism. Even as I began studying for certifications, I had never heard of Spiritualism as an organized religion. Then, as destiny would have it  I met Lyndsey, a psychic medium and Reiki master, who gave me my Reiki attunements. When I met her in-person, she shared something with me that changed my world. She informed me that my 10 year-old niece was gifted and could see spirits. I experienced a mix of emotions, from excitement all the way to worry because I did not know how to go about addressing this. How can I talk to my niece, who had no prior knowledge of spirits, about this? What was I going to say to her? How could I ask her without her thinking I was crazy? I had gone over at least a dozen ways to phrase the question in my head.

Later that day, I waited until my niece and I had some alone time. I couldn’t find the words to say so I just blurted out, “Do you see things that most people do not see?” To which she responded, “Yes!” It was almost as if she felt a huge burden being lifted off of her. I did not immediately know how to console her or support her. My family is very old-school and with that comes the belief that spirits do not exist. According to them, people who practice tarot, psychics, mediums etc. are devil-worshippers. So it was hard trying to explain spirits, and the spiritual realm to my niece, who had never been exposed to it. A few days went by and we both agreed that my sister, her mother, should find out.  How do I tell my sister? My sister had never, to my knowledge, been exposed to spirituality either. Would she be supportive? Would she accept her daughter’s gift? Or would she be influenced by our family’s long standing belief that spirits and communication with them does not exist?

I’m not sure why I was ever worried about it. I told my sister a few days later that my niece could see spirits. To say she has been supportive to my niece doesn’t even properly define how she’s handled the situation. She started researching ways that she could support her daughter, ways that she can help her daughter feel comfortable with these gifts, ways to get her around like-minded people, or people who are gifted like her.  She found out that one of the ways she could offer support is by attending a spiritualist church. One quick search on Google had indicated that there was a Spiritualist church nearby where we live. That was it. It was the week of July 4, 2017. Ever since then we have been hooked.

Where did it all begin?



source: http://www.fst.org/spirit4.htm

Almost all ancient civilizations, dating as far back as 3500 B.C have evidence of spirit beliefs and spirit communications. But the birth of the Modern Spiritualist Movement is most widely accepted as having taken place on March 31, 1848, with the events surrounding the Fox family, in Hydesville, New York. Hydesville, about 38 miles east of Rochester, NY was founded in the late 1700s. One of its pioneers, Dr. Henry Hyde, whom the village was named after, settled here in 1815. At that time, the village had grown to include a few homesteads/cottages, a few shops, a Methodist church with a graveyard, and a brick schoolhouse. Dr. Hyde had built a few cottages in the village, one of them being the place where spirit communication had been reintroduced to the public.

Mr. John Fox, Mrs. Margaret Fox, along with their two youngest daughters Kate and Margaretta Fox moved into the cottage Dr. Hyde built in December 1847. Before the Fox’s moved in, many families who lived in this cottage beforehand had reportedly heard strange occurrences such as banging and scraping sounds, opening and closing cupboards, furniture shaking, and feeling a cold hand at night. Not long after moving in, Mrs. Fox and her two daughters began hearing the same sounds in their bedrooms. Many attempts were made in the following months to find the source of the noise, but nothing was found. One night, as the sounds began, Kate had asked the spirit to repeat the number of times she clapped, which it did. Then Margaretta had done the same thing afterward, asking the spirit to repeat the amount of times she clapped. Mrs. fox had started asking this spirit a series of yes/no questions in which the spirit was asked to bang once to answer no and twice to answer yes. They discovered the spirit was that of 31 year-old Charles B. Rosna, a peddler who had been murdered there 5 years earlier for his money ($500). He was buried in the cellar of that house. Soon after that, Mrs. Fox invited a few of the neighbors over to witness the phenomena.

The events at their house proved that Spirit communication can be a two-way experience. It also proved that spirit communication can be used not only to teach, inspire, and give us philosophical revelation; it can also be used to assist us in our daily lives.The two younger daughters, along with older sister Leah traveled around the area, demonstrating that those two proven points are possible. They were met with strong resistance. But there were more curious people and those that had been experiencing similar psychic events that helped spread spirituality into what it is today.

Modern day spiritualism

From the events that occurred in Hydesville, Spiritualism has grown tenfold. Over the past 150 years, many Spiritualist churches have opened all over the world and the numbers keep growing. So what exactly is Spiritualism? What do they believe in?

As defined by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) spiritualism is a science, philosophy and religion:

  • a science because it investigates, analyzes, and classifies facts and manifestations of Spirit;
  • a philosophy     because it studies the laws of nature both on the seen and     unseen side of life and bases its conclusions upon present,     observed facts;
  • a religion because it strives to understand and comply with the physical, mental, and spiritual laws of nature, which are the laws of God, or Higher Intelligence.

Declaration of Principles, taken from the NSAC website:

  1. We believe in Infinite Intelligence.
  2. We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence.   
  3. We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith, constitute true religion.
  4. We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.
  5. We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.
  6. We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  7. We affirm the moral responsibility of individuals, and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey Nature’s physical and spiritual laws.
  8. We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul here or hereafter.
  9. We affirm that the precepts of Prophecy and Healing are Divine attributes proven through Mediumship.   

What is the Spiritualist church experience like?

From the description above, Spiritualism may seem too out there for some. However, my experience at the Spiritualist church has been amazing. It is full of warmth, love, understanding, and growth. Every soul that ends up there is greeted with open-arms and you can feel the love pouring from everyone. We sing and dance to a few songs, we receive free healing services such as Reiki, we receive a lovely sermon or message, we are led through a guided meditation, and we receive any messages from spirit that may help heal us or receive clarity /guidance that may assist us on our journey. We pray for the world, for our leaders, we send love to the universe, and we end service by saying a prayer while we all hold hands. I know what you’re thinking, it sounds very kumbaya, but I say, “give kumbaya a chance!”

I really want to emphasize the love that I feel when I am there. In my experience with other churches from different religions, there seems to be a disconnect between pastor and church member. The pastor stands at the altar and gives a sermon, while church members stand in the crowd seemingly worshipping him instead of God. The church band or choir is also separated from church members. The church experience becomes one of “wishing to become part of the ‘clique’ of ‘who can be the better worshipper’ rather than developing your love for God. I feel as though it has become a popularity contest and I just didn’t feel comfortable in the environment. Which is why I love the Spiritualist church so much. It really goes beyond the church experience for me. Everything that I learn, I truly take to heart and incorporate it into my daily life.

How Spiritualism has benefited me:

-It helps me understand my role in the world

-Helps me find my purpose

-Helps me understand God

-Helps me understand spirits, angels, archangels etc

-Helps me live in my heart- which is the key to helping all of humanity

-Teaches me how to search within for answers

-Provides community support

-Provides tremendous healing

-Open to everyone

-Open to those who follow another denomination because it believes in and accepts masters from other religions, such as Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus

When I first started my journey, I didn’t know that Spiritualism was a religion with many many churches open all around the world. And trust me, with everything that I’ve witnessed in churches or on the news about churches, going back to a hypocritical and judgmental church was the last thing I wanted to do. Churches and strict organized religions made me turn away from God.  But Spiritualism truly has changed my life and I hope that it can do the same for you. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and open them up to Spiritualism. I am positive that there are many people out there looking for answers, seeking to find the purpose of life, how we can improve our daily lives by understanding our purpose, how to cope with all that is happening around the world.  I believe Spiritualism can provide the key to find all these answers you are searching for. It will show you how to find your inner awareness, how to communicate and received guidance from God, angels, spirits. With that information, we as humans can take all the necessary steps to not only improve our own lives, but it will help us contribute to improving all of humanity.

“As the sunflower turns its face toward the light of the sun, so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity toward the light of truth.”

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Sending you all lots of love,


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  1. Your journey somewhat mirrors mine this year. I too started attending a spiritualism service. I was drawn to it from my own experiences throughout life – and yes, I am more than grateful that I found this church, even though I too had grown weary of organized religion. I wrote this earlier this evening -http://chewedupandspatout.blogspot.com/2017/08/finding-peace-and-exploring-life.html

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