Top 5 Things I’ve Learned from Spirituality

       On this seemingly never-ending journey to enlightenment, I have learned so many wonderful things that have tremendously transformed my life. Having been able to discover this knowledge feels so sacred and amazing to me, as it has helped me understand the expansiveness of our souls as well as the depths of our divine truths. And the fact that there are so many other humans, through their own struggles or just mere curiosity, have stumbled upon the same kind of information despite the tight reign religion has had on humanity for thousands of years is so profound. This is the type of information that you cannot unlearn like those pesky middle school math equations. Once you uncover just a sliver of this kind of information, you get sucked into it like it is some kind of warp hole.

       Although I know that there is an endless amount of information yet to be uncovered, I thought I would list the top things I have learned thus far throughout my own journey. These are my own personal truths that I have deemed most important as having learned so far. I would love to hear any of your own answers as well because I love connecting with and growing from the spiritual connections I make. As a true Virgoan, I am a lover of knowledge; a lover of discussion and dissection of big topics with a community of like-minded individuals.  Therefore, your comments are more than welcome here! What have you guys learned thus far? Do any of you have a top 5 list of things they’ve learned about spirituality/enlightenment? Share them below!

Here are the top 5 things I’ve learned from Spirituality:

  1. God (Consciousness)

        I have shared previously that I grew up around Catholicism and as such, a certain view of God. According to these beliefs, God is composed of three separate aspects referred to as The Holy Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As the Father, He is up there in “Heaven” watching over His children and judging their actions based on what would constitute a “perfect” child and seeing who would be deemed perfect enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. As many would understand, no human being is perfect. Therefore, He sent His only son, Jesus, into this world to die for our sins so that we can live with God forever in Heaven. Until humanity reaches Heaven, the Holy Spirit of God will reside within your body once you dedicate your life to God. Yes, this is an extremely simplified version, but this will suffice. At an early age, those beliefs just didn’t resonate with me. But how could I have questioned those things without getting into serious trouble? I am glad that those feelings occurred because it is what led to my spiritual awakening many years later.

       What I have come to learn about God, the Divine, the Creator, or any name you wish to use, is that “He” is the purest, highest vibrating energy there is. He is the creator of all the universes and all things inside these universes. He created everything that is known and unknown, both physical and nonphysical. Since all things came from Him, we are all expressions of God, meaning we are all God expressing ourselves through our own physical bodies with our own set of biological structures and mental and emotional processes. Again, everything is God; from the smallest of molecules, to the biggest of planets, to unknown universes. All that is and ever will be is an extension of God- rocks, plants, animals, and beyond. We are all here learning to become a higher vibrating being, close to where He vibrates. He is the glue that holds everything together, and without this energy, nothing would exist. He is all there is. He is expressed in everything that is around you. And being so, He is not up in “Heaven” judging our actions. Instead, he is equal to the greatest, most loving energy there is. He is stronger than anything known to humanity, and the most loving being that will ever be. Since we are all a part of Him and everything is an extension of Him, He loves all equally.

  1. Existence

       I vividly remember as a teenager waking up in the middle of the night on numerous occasions panting and feeling panic-stricken. I remember thinking about the death experience, and then questioning what would happen after I die. The world will go on for millions of years, and I only have one chance to live my life correctly, which made me feel so anxious. I am not sure why I had these nightmares; did I keep having them for a reason? Now, I am thankful that I have learned that we will continue on despite our physical body dying. It has definitely eased my worries in this aspect.

       As stated earlier, God is energy. And since we are extensions of Him, we too are energy. Actually, everything you see, hear, and/or feel around you is made from His energy. Your true “self” is not a physical being, but rather an energetic being that vibrates at a certain frequency. All beings, all forms forms of existence both living and nonliving, vibrate with energy. The whole universe, and all others, was created and manipulated by energy as well. How can we make sense of this? Let me try to explain. In physics, we learn through the Law of Conservation of Energy that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another. Now we are starting to see how the expression “God always has been, and always will be” makes sense. He has just always existed. And therefore, we and everything around us, will be too. It even goes beyond that. All beings, known and unknown, exist on different planes, or levels, of existence depending on how developed their soul, or their energy, is. You may be asking, “What exists on other planes of existence?” Fairies, gnomes, leprechauns, aliens, elementals, spirits, ascended masters and teachers, and many other forms of being. I know what you’re thinking and I didn’t believe it either at first. But the point I am trying to make is this: after crossing over, or rather, leaving our physical bodies behind, our energy continues on indefinitely.

  1. Reincarnation

       The whole concept of reincarnation took me well over a year to settle into, mostly because I didn’t believe in the fact that our energetic selves continue on after the death experience. Once I crossed that threshold, reincarnation was a bit easier to grasp. My question for a long time after discovering that souls reincarnate was: Why? Why do we keep coming back to Earth to experience this dense, dark, burdensome place? The simplest answer is this: soul evolution. Our souls are trying to climb the ladder up to a state of perfect existence right next to that God/ Divine energy. We are trying to perfect our souls so that we can exist on the highest level, the highest plane of existence. In order to get there, there are many, many lessons that our souls must learn and overcome. Earth is a place where many lessons can be learned, and at a much faster pace than if we did not incarnate here. Every single soul, all forms of energy, is learning to develop and evolve, that is one of the primary reasons we should all have compassion towards everything. All creatures and creations on Earth in the skies, the water, the land, and everything in between and all those living in all other planets, galaxies and universes are evolving and all at different rates. In addition to learning our own lessons,  we are also here to help humanity evolve together, as a planet. Our goal again is to reach the highest plane, or level, of existence with God, our divine creator. Fun fact: Did you know that the average soul has over 100 incarnations here on Earth? Mind totally blown!

  1. Energy Alchemy

       How do things come to be if everything in the universe is energy? The simplest answer is that energy can be manipulated and changed to create that which we want. Energy is the language of the universe(s) and it is how things come into existence. We are all energy alchemists, meaning we all have the capacity and ability to manipulate energy. Whether that is good or bad energy, we are able to shape-shift energy into physical things in our physical 3D world. Crazy, huh? We all have a focal point, a set of beliefs that shape how we view the world and everything in it. What we connect to or with, is always an energetic match to us at that precise time.

       This article helps you to see just how much energy is within your body. I don’t want to ruin the article, but it shows you that each one of us contains more powerful energy than the worst atomic bombs we’ve ever seen. What does that mean to you? Do you know how powerful you truly are? I hope now you are getting the idea! We can make this energy shape-shift with our thoughts, our imagination, and our intention. Each one of those tools molds energy into physical objects. So it goes without saying that you should be careful of your predominant thoughts because that is what will manifest in your life. The key here is to make sure your intentions and desires are pure, meaning you should not be anxious or desperate about that which you desire. If there is fear in there, and it is the stronger of emotions, you will manifest that which you fear instead of what you truly desire. Our emotions have so much power, they can change our whole aura. And that which is more energetically charged, meaning that which has stronger emotion, is what the universe will listen to. So be careful friends!


  1. Soul speak

       All souls exist on a higher plane of existence, ones of less density than Earth. When we incarnate here on this planet, we are still always connected to our soul by an invisible cord. Our souls, our higher form of existence which exists in the ethereal world, contains so much knowledge about our individual souls. It knows all our previous lives, all future lives, lessons, objectives, and so much more. We are connected to our souls so we are therefore always connected to those higher realms. That means that we all have access to knowledge that many consider psychic. It is widely known among enlightened beings that once incarnated here on Earth, our conscious selves forget who and what we truly are. That is done so that we can learn those lessons we have signed up to learn. Although we forget our truths, our guides and spiritual team of helpers are always there waiting to help guide us.  Not only are they helping and guiding us, our higher selves are also talking to us and trying to get us on the best route that will help us achieve our lessons and goals.

       For those of us that are too stuck in our minds, our soul tries to get our attention.  Remember how I said that we are more powerful than atomic bombs? If we direct that energy inward, and do not release it, it affects our bodies. Think of it, it is like poisoning your own body without you realizing it. Our soul tries to get our attention so that we may become aware of our actions and so that we can reverse them. A lot of times our body aches, pains, or illnesses are a result from directing our negative energy and negative emotions inward and not releasing them properly.

       There may be times that people are born with certain things that would cause us to ask, why God? In those instances, those individual souls chooses to incarnate like that, as part of their lessons to learn or lessons those close to them need to learn, or to pay back Karma from a past-life. However, many times even the deadliest diseases can be reversed once we learn the lesson. Remember, everything is about lessons for the purpose of evolving! For example, throat diseases may be telling you to speak your truth. Problems with knees, legs, or hips can indicate unwillingness to more forward, or in the correct direction. So pay attention! Julia Cannon has a book called Soul Speak where you can learn what your body is trying to tell you. Definitely a must read.

       I know that I still have many more truths to uncover, and as such, I have much more knowledge to dissect and to help spread. I have been on this journey for a few years and the fact that I barely scratched the surface is both daunting and thrilling. No matter where you are on your journey, know that you are always being helped and guided. Never think you are alone, for that is the furthest thing from truth! We are here to help each other and humanity. Discover. Connect. Evolve. That is what we are here to do.


Blessings my loves!



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