Two Hearts, One Soul

Two Hearts.

One Soul.


I’ve gone so long without you, how could these feelings persist?

How could this flame burn inside of me for you still?

This fire can’t be put out.

How is it stronger now than when I was holding  you near?

I don’t understand it, although I’ve tried to.


A year ago, I was desperate, longing for the connection.

The connection of my heart and yours.

The connection… now only felt in my dreams.

Hmmm. What a connection.

I thought it would be a quick absence. Like any other.

Yet here I am, without the other half of my soul.


Other half.

How could I have known what this would be?

Heartbreak. Heartache. Depression. Anxiety.

My soul.

Love. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Light.

Was that all you were good for?

Oh, weakened, damaged heart full of pain


In your absence I’ve learned.

How to confide in this damaged heart.

Millions of shreds, bound by God’s light.

His light saved me.

So did you.


I am here with this flame in my heart.

Strong enough to cause a wildfire.


I must learn how to live without.

Learn how to fill your half.

Of my soul.





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